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Elixer Arnica Rub™ – A Natural Pain Killer for Topical Pain Relief!  No more need to use synthetic pain killers such as Motrin® or Aleve® that can irritate the stomach lining. Now there is Elixer Arnica Rub, made with Arnica Oil, a natural pain killer.

Elixer Arnica Rub can reduce pain from:


Elixer Reviews

Arthritis: “My pain level in my fingers was reduced by at least 90% and it lasted for 2+ days. I used some more of the cream today. I love this product and will be buying it on a regular basis. Thanks so much for bringing it to me.”  Cynthia Jordan, Santa Cruz, CA

Knee Pain:  Elixer Arnica help rid me of my agonizing knee pain.  Thank you! Ed Bejarana - Portland, OR

Neuropathy:  The Elixer is amazing. I suffer from neuropathy and pain in my feet, and the Elixer definitely helps. I'm not back in high heels yet, but the Elixer has given me hope!                                                                         Stacy Hughes - Santa Cruz, CA

Hip: Love this stuff! I used it during recovery on two hip surgeries, the scars are pretty faint and I think this was the reason!                                                    Dr. Jenella Loye‎,  Davis, CA

Foot & Hip:  Just a note to say “thanks” for the cream. It provides real and immediate relief to an otherwise debilitating pain. I am loath to take pain meds unless absolutely necessary, so my “Nadine’s Cream” is a godsend. Annaliese has some pain in her foot (the same as my friend) and it works on her just like it does on me.         Mike Keller - Santa Cruz, CA

General Aches & Pains:  We bought our first bottle of Elixer Arnica Rub a couple of years ago and recently ordered our second (huge) bottle. Rather than taking over the counter drugs for sore muscles or general aches and pains, we now rub Elixer lotion on the affected area for immediate relief. It's effective and very soothing.                                 Jane Farmer‎ - Aptos, CA

This stuff has a ton of great stuff in it, and it works! Thanks for creating the Genius Bar of healing salves.                                                                         Andrew P Delany - Rossmor, CA

This arnica cream is wonderful.  It has made the pain bearable. I’ve been able to cut down on the prescribed pain killers to one pill in the morning and night.  Catherine Outlaw, Santa Cruz, CA

With Elixer with its infusion of arnica oil,  my pain goes immediately away, and I can go out and party”.                                                       Celeste Harvel, Windsurfing Instructor, Kaua’i


•  Neuropathy

•  Gout

•  Rheumatism

•  Tendonitis

•  Tennis Elbow

•  Arthritis

•  Bursitis

•  Post and Pre-op  Surgery

•  Plastic Surgery

•  Headaches and Menstral Cramps





•  Back Pains and Sasms

•  Sciatica

•  Knee Injuries

•  Shin Splints

•  Plantar Fasciitis

•  Foot Discomfort

•  Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Discomfort

•  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

•  Neck Strains

•  Elbow Flare-ups

•  Bruising

“I love my Elixer! My feet would not be the same without it.”

Stacy H, Santa Cruz, CA

With No Parabens
  • ….Arnica is a natural herb that also helps with inflammation (and can help mom, dad, & grandparents with stiffness). Nadine Frush manufacturers an all natural Arnica Cream which I have used it for bruises and joint soreness with outstanding results. Arnica is becoming a standard in the athletic trainers handbag.
  • Jim Aumann, Head Coach,
  • Cruz Swim, Santa Cruz CA

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